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Mystic Tarot courses with Eilyen
A self development group exploring esoteric wisdom using tarot as a tool to progress in learning about yourself and how to read for other people. Courses running in London. Distance learning courses w...
Mystic Tarot Wisdom was founded by Eilyen who offers consultations, Life Coaching and Self Development Courses. 

The Life Development process offered in 
Astrological Tarot and the Qabalah are divided into modules with an Introduction on the history of tarot and its connection to the Qabalah and to astrology.  
The psychological aspects between the intellectual mind and the emotions are observed through the subconscious state. 
Module 1 concentrates on the learning of the Major and Minor Arcana Cards and their meaning to your own self realisation.
People from all walks of life come to learn about themselves and the mysticism that tarot offers. Students progress with their own development as their confidence grows.  
Many have pressing questions as to their true life path and this course offers a concise way to find answers.
The interpretation of the cards is studied through layouts.  Meditation is practised to develop to aid your atunement to the psyche. 
Staying congruent with your truth is inevitable through your learning and then having the courage to act upon its message becomes the transformation of the new you.   

Eilyen  is also an Integrated Healing Practitioner.  Her skills span from therapeutic aromatherapy massage, chakra balancing, essential oil prescriptions, crystal healing and Integral Healing which involve NLP and deep mind journeys which often access past lives as well as childhood experiences.   Whatever your present situation is there will be a pattern from before,  Change the pattern and your life will be free.   see 
Eilyen is a wise intuitive and caring healer. She has many years of experience and can work at many levels on different issues. Her knowledge ranges from Aromatherapy, integrated body work, hot stone, psychic Tarot. She has great integrity and cares about people. 
Annabelle Mitzman

An Exert from one of Eilyen's Talks at the Astrological Lodge in June 2012
Waking the Spirit
This talk refers you to the possibility on how to enlighten your life purpose to be fulfilled.
We have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind and an unconscious mind.  If there is an unbalance between them then disharmony is bound to be there.
The human body consists of thousands of cells made up of fluid.  These cells flow through the body and contain an energy known as "prana" according to Ayurvedic medical system and denotes the flow of energy.
This energy not only connects through the body system but also extends outward into the aura or magnetic field.
In addition to this to identify areas of interest there are 7 principle centres called 'chakras'.  The correct spelling for chakra is "cakra" but pronounced "chakra" and mean spinning wheel.  The chakra wheels spin through the body and extend outwardly at each end of the magnetic field into a lotus flower with their various number of petals designated for each one.

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angels, archangel, Michael, Gabriel
  A psychic is a sensitive and a link between spirit guides, angels, and source to receive information.
A psychic has the ability to sense, see, hear information that aids in the emotional intelligence and physical to give spiritual guidance.

by appointment only  
Readings commence at only £25
phone reading and one to one readings with Eilyen.  Mystical Tarot Wisdom
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Learn the meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana Cards and interpret them.  
Ace Pent, Empress, King of Swords, mystical tarot course      6 week courses 
History with ancient wisdom from the Qabalah and symbols are included with some layouts with the tarot  and are progressed through further modules. 
at 7.30 - 9.30 pm
Teacher:  Eilyen and guest teachers are invited
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